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Fall Outs

Fiona Physty, Huronsville's resident activist, is on the rampage again. She has chosen to champion the cause of the aged and infirm. Her aunt, who had been a patient at Ever Rest Manor, a Home for Senior Citizens, has suffered a serious fracture of the femoral neck, following a fall. Fiona is utterly convinced that there is an epidemic of falls occurring in such institutions. She strongly suspects that a massive cover-up operation is in progress. With the help of her old friends, she puts together a coalition (The Fall Outers) to track down other cases. She obtains enough information to alarm the authorities.

The Mayor decides to appoint a small task force to look into the matter. Since Ms. Physty claims that the patients are being "drugged", he decides to contact Dr. Hugh Flyer, the noted pharmaco-epidemiologist. Unfortunately Dr. Flyer is serving the cause of his Institution abroad and cannot be reached for comment. Since the matter is urgent, the data gathered by the Fall Outers (see attached Fig.) are sent to you for your comments.


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