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Tammy Troy-Hempey

Tammy Troy-Hempey
Director of Administration

It’s perhaps easy to underestimate the impact that Tammy Troy-Hempey has on the functioning of the department, in part because she works so actively to keep a low profile. But aside from the chair, there isn’t likely another person who has as great a reach as her. She is the Director of Administration and is business manager for the McMaster Pediatric Physicians’ Association.

When asked what that means for her in the day-to-day, she jokes that, “it means if you’ve lost a key or you need a million dollars, then I’m your gal!”

It’s a good joke, in part because that’s actually not a bad description; her influence is actually that wide-ranging.

“My job here is to be that person that you can ask any question of,” she says, “whether you’re a candidate, or a member faculty, or you’re staff.” Her goal is to ensure that the physicians can succeed academically while maintaining their clinical work—managing the spending of the department, making sure that all the bills are paid, and the physicians and the administration get paid.

Of course, that is all important, but where Troy-Hempey really intends to make a mark is in supporting a culture of understanding and support. “I don’t think you can be a team unless every member of your team knows what they bring to the table, and knows where they fit.”

“There was a huge foundation when I arrived, and it if wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t have the ability to do half the things that we do now,” she says, and it’s a tradition she intends to maintain. “I believe that everything we do should be 100%. And we should be able to look back and say, I’m proud of that. Nothing should be ‘Well, it’ll do.’ Just ‘good enough’ really isn’t good enough.”

Contact Tammy

Tammy is supported by Claudia Bizzarro, Administrative Assistant, Department of Pediatrics:

Claudia Bizzarro
Department of Pediatrics
McMaster University
905-521-2100 ext. 75621

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