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Elective Trainees from International Universities
(work permit required)

There is an elective category of registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) that allows international trainees to complete an elective in Ontario.  The Medical of Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) requirement may be exempted.  The CPSO application must pass through CPSO's Registration Committee for approval of the MCCEE exemption.  CPSO licensing of international elective trainees requires:

    • The trainee to be a PGY3 level (or higher) in a university residency training program of the same specialty they are applying to. Family Medicine residency trainees to be at a PGY2 level;
    • The duration of international elective licensing is limited to a maximum of 6 months;
    • The trainee must obtain a Work Authorization Permit valid for McMaster University;
    • The applicant must successfully complete a two week Pre-Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) during the first 2 weeks of training in order to continue in the elective rotation.

There is extensive paperwork required by the applicant. This includes applications for the work authorization permit as well as the CPSO licensing and both of these are very lengthy processes. Therefore 5-6 months lead-time must be allowed for these applications.

Your home school is responsible for your salary and benefits, etc.  McMaster charges an academic fee in the amount of $6,250.00/Cdn$ due at the time of registration. This fee is per elective and the rate is subject to change.  McMaster University does not provide any remuneration to candidates here on electives and the elective trainee is responsible for all associated costs to train in Ontario. See costs associated with training in Ontario. Also, Fees and Documentation Chart (National)

Step 1

Contact the program to request an elective rotation:

Step 2

Programs offer international electives based on their capacity to accommodate the request, therefore your request may be unsuccessful.  If a decision is made to offer an international elective rotation, the program must notify the Postgrad office (Dana Gordon) stating: 

1) The rotation dates, 2) the resident’s name and contact, and 3) the supervisor’s name and contact.

Step 3 (only if a rotation is offered and Step 2 has taken place)

The resident must provide the application documents listed below to Dana Gordon who will proceed with admission and advise the applicant on the licensing and work permit applications and other McMaster registration requirements.

    • McMaster Postgraduate Application Form;
    • CV;
    • Copy of Passport;
    • Copy of Medical Degree Certificate;
    • Copy of Medical School Transcripts;
    • CopyMedical Council of Canada Evaluation Exam results(if taken, not required);
    • Letter from the trainee’s Home Residency Program Director to:
      1. Approve the elective rotation dates;
      2. Verify the resident’s training level and standing in the program;
      3. State the language of patient care in the home program;
      4. State the resident’s Medical School and Year of Graduation; 
      5. Brief goals and objectives should be included.  An evaluation form may be provided for completion by the McMaster supervisor if the home program wishes. (This letter is required from Postgrad by CPSO in the approval process for the resident to apply for licensing
    • Letter of Financial Support from the hospital/university/agency that funds the resident’s training.  The letter must confirm the resident’s funding will continue for the duration of the rotation dates. (This letter is required in the Postgrad/Immigration Canada Letter of Employment process.)

Step 4

You must come to the PGME Office to register before you can begin training.  Further information will be sent to you regarding registration requirements as well as directions to Postgrad. 

Registration will include:

    • Parking & Paging Approval Letters
    • HHS/SJH Computer Access & Dictation Passwords
    • Scrubex Access
    • Photo ID Badge

Information on accommodation in the Hamilton Area can be found at this link.

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