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  What a Presenter from a Community-based AIDS Organization Had to Say at a CLEAR Committee Meeting!

Interviewer: Marco Theriault, CLEAR Committee Member

Interviewee: Deborah Randall-Wood, Executive Director, Casey House

Presentation Occurred: September 11, 2002

Project Title: The Impact of an ASO on Community Programs on People Living with HIV/AIDS

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Why Evaluate?

Evaluation allows the service provider the opportunity to change those things that are not having an impact on the service user, while at the same time, affords the service provider the tools to enhance those elements of services that evidence based evaluation has proven works! Evaluation can open doors for CBAOs, by creating dialogue with its service users, volunteers, staff and the community-at-large.

How Do I Access the CLEAR Team?

You can call 905-525-9140 ext. 22293 or you can e-mail:

What happens once I contact CLEAR?

Following a discussion on the telephone, a decision will be made regarding a visit to your agency to further discuss your organization's needs and meet other members of your team.

What can we have evaluated?

You may wish to evaluate a program, the effectiveness of long-standing service, or the impact that the agency has on the lives of its service users.

What can we expect CLEAR to do for us?

The CLEAR investigators will summarize the discussion of your project in the form of a proposal for your edits and changes.

CLEAR will conduct a literature review on the project to assess what is already known about the question you are asking.

CLEAR will propose a method of gathering data for your approval or to stimulate a discussion of options.

Depending on the size of the project, a formal proposal could be submitted to the OHTN and other agencies to fund your initiative.  For smaller projects, CLEAR can gather the data and summarize this in a report for your edit and interpretation.

CLEAR can help prepare posters, abstracts and presentations for your dissemination at meetings.  If the paper abstract is accepted, CLEAR can ask the AIDS Bureau for permission to finance your attendance at meetings.

CLEAR can feature your important findings (with your permission) on CLEAR's website and/or newsletter.

A person can call the Unit to see if we have information relevant to your topic of interest on our Reference Manager Database which houses around 1,000 published papers since 1999 on issues related to AIDS and CBAOs in the following areas - Prevention; Organizational Capacity Building; Supportive Care and Recruitment/Retention, to name but a few areas.

What will it cost our CBAO? Back to Top

This service is completely funded by the AIDS Bureau, Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care and is free to the agency requiring assistance.

How long does evaluation take?

The answer to this question depends on the needs of the individual agency. Remember, thorough and productive evaluation is an ongoing process.

Can evaluation result in my agency losing funding?

No. The objective of evaluation is not to determine the future funding of a CBAO but rather assist CBAOs with determining what works best for your agency and your community.

You Can See CLEARly Now!

Once you have accessed the CLEAR Team, your agency will have a clearer picture of what impact your mission statement is having on those you serve. Your agency will have had the opportunity to truly measure for success!

Additional Questions and Answers often posed to CLEAR

Is CLEAR just a government subsidized consulting company?

A consulting company is usually a for-profit agency, that works to help another agency with a specific task for a specific price with the goal of creating a profit as well as giving a service.

While CLEAR is funded for a fixed amount by government, it is a "movement" more than a project to help all CBAOs in Ontario evaluate their current and , sometimes hoped for, responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Any efficiencies within CLEAR are retained to serve even more CBAOs.

Different from a consulting company,

a) CLEAR deploys academic investigators to help develop research questions, write proposals and conduct studies that answer CBAOs' questions, assisting in their refinement and sometimes raising their level of sophistication to achieve outside funding or resources for the CBAO itself.

b) CLEAR can deliver more service by stretching limited resources. For example, more studies have been undertaken than listed in the original service agreement.

c) CLEAR is committed to strengthening community CBAOs versus itself. Back to Top



How can we trust those academics?

In all of social relations, trust develops over time as a function of being observed to be doing what we say and saying what we do. The CBAO community is free to obtain references about CLEAR's work from any other agency we have worked with in the past. This is in keeping with CLEAR's values of:

1) Accountability: collaboration, partnership, respect, transparency, and

2) Leadership: principles of equity, professionalism, academic and rigor, cultural and community values. Back to Top


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