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Below is a list of current/ongoing projects within the SLRU. Click on the PDF link for further information on the specific project. Information on Completed Projects can be found under Research Transfer -Working Papers.

Does Stigma Towards Mental Illness Decrease for Youth 13 to 18 Years Old After Participating in School Based Youth Net Hamilton Focus Groups?

Full Report in PDF   Youth Net Project
The Comparative Effect and Expense of More and Less Integration of Services that Provide Treatment and Rehabilitation for Children with Multiple Disabilities: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Full Report in PDF   Children's Treatment Network of Simcoe York Project

The Comparative Effects and Expense of Augmenting Usual CAS Care with a Regional Differential Response and Wraparound Prevention Service (Versus Usual CAS Care Alone) for Children Referred to the Care of Children's Aid Societies: A Multicentre Randomized Trial

Full Report in PDF   Wraparound Project

Fidelity and Recovery: How are Ontario Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams Doing?

Full Report in PDF   ACT Project

The Comparative Effects, and Expense of a Proactive, Nurse-Led, Multifactorial and Interdisciplinary Team Approach to Falls Prevention for Older At-Risk Home Care Clients.

Full Report in PDF   Falls Project - Halton Area

The Comparative Acceptability, Safety, Effects and Expense of Specialized, Integrated and Interdisciplinary Community Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors and their Caregivers.

Full Report in PDF   Stroke Project-Toronto Area

The Cost Effectiveness of Brief Solution-Focused Counselling for Persons At Risk for Mental Health Problems with or without Collaboration Regarding Medication from the Primary Care Physician

Full Report in PDF   Durham Project
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