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Clinical Care in the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program

The Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program supports the Exercise Medicine Clinic, which operates at the Children's Exercise & Nutrition Centre in the 2G area of the McMaster Children’s Hospital. The Exercise Medicine clinic uses exercise testing and physical activity counselling to enhance the care of children with a chronic health condition. To read our brochure or to make a referral, please click here.

FAQ about our Exercise Medicine Clinic

What is the Exercise Medicine Clinic? A new clinic designed to assess and help improve the physical fitness and function of children with significant medical conditions.

Why do we have an exercise medicine clinic? Research tells us that regular exercise can have therapeutic benefits for many chronic medical conditions. Many children with significant medical conditions have major deficits in their physical activity and physical fitness, which negatively impact their quality of life. The Exercise Medicine Clinic helps children and their families use exercise to improve fitness and function so they can do the things they want to do.

What should i expect at the exercise medicine clinic?

  • A physician will complete a brief background history and general physical examination.
  • You will then complete a standardized assessment of fitness conducted by an Exercise Physiologist.
  • The results of the test are analyzed.
  • A personalized plan is developed with a Kinesiologist to help you make gains in the areas where deficits are found.
  • Follow-up testing and appointments are arranged as necessary to document progress and to identify other areas to work on.
  • A brief report is sent back to your specialist about the results of the testing.


If I have an appointment at the exercise medicine clinic what should I bring? You should bring comfortable clothes, such as a pair of shoes, t-shirt, and shorts that you can exercise in.

Who will contact me about my appointment? Once we receive the referral from your referring doctor, the Exercise Medicine clinic staff will contact you to schedule your appointment.