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Child Health & Exercise
Medicine Program

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Education in the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program

In the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program, the sharing of information pertinent to pediatric exercise medicine and science is critical. Our educational efforts are focused on providing resources for the public, publishing our research results, and training the next generation of health care professionals and scientists.

RESOURCES: We strive to translate the results of our studies into useful information for the public so that families can make informed choices about physical activity, regardless of disease or disability. Check out our resources.

SCHOLARSHIP: Our research is disseminated at local, national, and international conferences, through lectures and seminars, and in scientific publications. Click here for a list of our scientific publications.

TRAINING: We provide education on physical activity, nutrition, and the role of exercise as medicine for child health through clinical rotations (clerks), research trainees (undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral), and visiting professorships. You can click here to see a list of our current trainees and their projects or contact us about available training opportunities.