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Graduate Student Ambassador Program

What is the Graduate Student Ambassador Program?

The Graduate Student Ambassador Program at the Faculty of Health Sciences offers a student-centric approach to supporting prospective, new and current students. The Program is a collective of student representatives whose mission is to promote FHS graduate programs, provide a channel of communication to potential applicants, engage current students in personal and professional development, and foster relationships with alumni.

What is the role of a Graduate Student Ambassador?

Ambassadors are current FHS and FHS-affiliated graduate students who come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Ambassadors serve as official student representatives of their programs and liaise with graduate programs, prospective students and alumni.

The best way to contact Student Ambassadors is via e-mail. Please put "Question to Ambassador" in the subject line to ensure that your message doesn't get lost. Please also note that all ambassadors are volunteers as well as current graduate students with busy schedules, so kindly allow 48 hours for their responses.

Meet our 2016-2017 Graduate Student Ambassadors

* You can see that they obviously have some lives outside of classrooms and labs!

Michelle Ly

Michelle Ly, Masters Candidate

Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

An interesting fact about Michelle: Michelle is currently self-teaching herself the acoustic guitar and ukulele to explore her musical interests and talents.

Alexander Oberc

Alexander Oberc, MD/PhD Candidate

Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences and MD/PhD

An interesting fact about Alexander: after not touching a musical instrument in many years, Alexander started teaching himself how to play an electric guitar.

I heart Health SciencesSherry Yang, Masters Candidate

Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization

An interesting fact about Sherry: She is a huge dog fanatic and is hoping to get her first pomeranian puppy this January. In her spare time, she likes going on hikes, chasing waterfalls and trying out new cuisines.

I heart Health SciencesScott Bowman, PhD Candidate

Biomedical Engineering

An interesting fact about Scott: He recently started volunteering at The McMaster Industry Liason Office in the hopes of gaining experience in the patenting and commercialization of McMaster
Life Science research. Outside of McMaster, he has a pet rabbit named Mumford.

I heart Health SciencesVincent Huynh, Masters Candidate

Chemical Biology

An interesting fact about Vincent: he describes himself as a prolific coffee drinker.

Roxanne PatelRoxanne Patel, Masters Candidate


An interesting fact about Roxanne: she is currently learning Spanish and German for fun!

I heart Health SciencesSara DiGregorio, Masters Candidate


An interesting fact about Sara: she is a "Friends" (tv show) trivia fanatic. She can answer any question thrown at her.

I heart Health SciencesSalma Chaudhry, Masters Candidate

Global Health

An interesting fact about Salma: when she was younger she wanted to be a marine psychologist. She is still not sure if that is an actual job.

I heart Health SciencesAndrew Nguyen, Masters Candidate

Global Health

An interesting fact about Andrew: he has a strange fascination with squirrels and insects!

I heart Health SciencesLundie Richards, Masters Candidate

Health Management

An interesting fact about Lundie: he is Canadian but was born in Jamaica; and has either lived, worked, or studied in multiple other jurisdictions including: Cuba, UK, Guyana, Cayman Islands, and Botswana.

I heart Health SciencesDonya Razavi, PhD Candidate

Health Policy

An interesting fact about Donya: she is currently a voulunteer instructional assistant at Nuvitzo Dance, a latin dance studio in downtown Hamilton.

I heart Health SciencesFiras Khalid, PhD Candidate

Health Policy

An interesting fact about Firas: he enjoys extreme sports activities including CrossFit. He also speaks two languages, which was very convenient when he travelled around the world!

I heart Health SciencesPortia Kalun, Masters Candidate

Health Science Education

An interesting fact about Portia: she is working on her second masters degree. Her first MSc, which was course-based, was in Human Health & Nutritional Sciences.

Kim MaddenKim Madden, PhD Candidate

Health Research Methodology

An interesting fact about Kim: Kim is a huge soccer fan and even went to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, as well as Pan Am Soccer games in Hamilton in the summer 2015.

John Paul OliveriaJohn Paul Oliveria, PhD Candidate

Medical Sciences

An interesting fact about John Paul: he can play various woodwind instruments, but he is currently a member of the Dundas Valley Orchestra and his main instrument is the clarinet.

I heart Health SciencesEmma Price, Masters Candidate

Medical Sciences

An interesting fact about Emma: she has lived on the East Coast, West Coast, and Central

I heart Health SciencesTanya Miladinovic, PhD Candidate

Medical Sciences

An interesting fact about Tanya: she has travelled to 30 countries and trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp!

I heart Health SciencesGesine Alders, PhD Candidate


An interesting fact about Gesine: when she was a student at the University of Regensburg, she helped organiza an English lecture series: "Lectures in Psychology" to assist German-language students in practicing their English and to help them overcome their fear of public speaking in a foreign language.

I heart Health SciencesJasmine Turna, PhD Candidate


An interesting fact about Jasmine: she is currently learning how to sail.

Jamie DawdyJamie Dawdy, PhD Candidate


An interesting fact about Jamie: she used to teach spin classes at The Pulse in her undergraduate years and plan to start teaching again after completing her Master's thesis.

Emily BennettEmily Bennett, Masters Candidate

Occupational Therapy

An interesting fact about Emily: she has been skiing since she was 14 months old and loves winter sports.

I heart Health SciencesGrecia Alaniz, Masters Candidate


An interesting fact about Grecia: she can speak fluent Spanish, as
both her parents are immigrants from Nicaragua.

Nick QuinnNick Quinn, Masters Candidate

Public Health

An interesting fact about Nick: he competed at the 2007 Canada Winter Games in Yukon for Long Track Speed Skating, outside, in spandex, in February.

Grace ThomasGrace Thomas, Masters Candidate

Public Health

An interesting fact about Grace: When she was 15, she grew an inch and a half in 6 hours! She also loves spending time outdoors, especially to explore all of the waterfalls and trails Hamilton has to offer.

I heart Health SciencesJulie Reid, PhD Candidate

Rehabilitation Science

An interesting fact about Julie: her favorite meal of the day to go out for is breakfast!

I heart Health SciencesEverett Claridge, Masters Candidate

Rehabilitation Science

An interesting fact about Everett: he was an active member of an indie-rock band and has music featured on iTunes ("Aryll's Lookout" by The Gales).