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Fiona Smaill


Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Division: Molecular Medicine

Co-Director, Special Immunology Services/HIV Clinic

McMaster University
2N29 Health Sciences Centre
905-521-2100 ext. 74190

Dr Smaill

Faculty Biography

Education and Professional Standing

  • MSc Design, Measurement & Evaluation, McMaster University, 1997
  • FRCPC Medical Microbiology, 1988
  • FRCPC Infectious Diseases, 1987
  • FRCPC Internal Medicine, 1985
  • FRACP General Medicine, 1984
  • MBChB, Otago University (New Zealand) 1978


Research Focus

Main Research Areas

  • HIV infection
  • infections in immunocompromised hosts
  • diagnostic medical microbiology
  • infection control
  • infections in pregnancy
  • clinical epidemiology
  • tuberculosis
  • vaccines

Dr. Smaill is actively involved in clinical trials in HIV management, the development of vaccines for tuberculosis, and management of infections in pregnancy. Her interest in HIV infection includes multicentre trials to evaluate efficacy and side-effects of different antiretroviral regimens and work on gender differences in the management of HIV infection. Dr. Smaill is also working with Dr. Xing on an adenovirus-based vaccine for tuberculosis and has completed a successful Phase 1 clinical trial in healthy volunteers demonstrating the safety and immunogenicity of novel TB vaccine.

Dr. Smaill has an ongoing commitment to complete and update several Cochrane Systematic Reviews related to the management of infections in pregnancy, with a focus on treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria and antibiotic prophylaxis for cesarean sections.

Clinical Focus

Dr. Smaill is a medical microbiologist for the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program,and consultant in infectious diseases and infection control and the research lead of the HIV clinic at Hamilton Health Sciences.

Academic Interests

Dr. Smaill is a professor of Pathology and Molecular Medicine. She currently teaches in McMaster’s MD Undergraduate Program, the MD Postgraduate Program and in the Medical Sciences Graduate Program.

Team Members

Laura Puri – Research Coordinator

Selected Publications

  • Smaill FM, Grivell RM. Antibiotic prophylaxis versus no prophylaxis for preventing infection after cesarean section. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2014 Oct 28;10:CD007482
  • Smaill F, Xing Z. Human type 5 adenovirus-based tuberculosis vaccine: is the respiratory route of delivery the future? Expert Rev Vaccines. 2014 Aug;13(8):927-30.
  • Kennedy VL, Serghides L, Raboud JM, Su D, Blitz S, Hart TA, Walmsley SL, Angel JB, Smaill FM, Ralph ED, Tharao WE, Loutfy MR; for the Ontario HIV Fertility Research Team. The importance of motherhood in HIV-positive women of reproductive age in Ontario, Canada. AIDS Care. 2014; 26(6):777-84.
  • Smaill F, Jeyanathan M, Smieja M, Medina MF, Thanthrige-Don N, Zganiacz A,Yin C, Heriazon A, Damjanovic D, Puri L, Hamid J, Xie F, Foley R, Bramson J, Gauldie J, Xing Z. A human type 5 adenovirus-based tuberculosis vaccine induces robust T cell responses in humans despite preexisting anti-adenovirus immunity. Sci Transl Med. 2013 Oct 2;5(205):205ra134.
  • Tan DH, Raboud J, Kaul R, Brunetta J; Kaushic C, Kovacs C, Lee E, Rachlis A, Smaill F, Smieja M, Walmsley S. Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Co-infection Does Not Accelerate CD4 Count Decline in Untreated HIV Infection. Clin Infect Dis. 2013 Aug;57(3):448-57
  • Hsu J, Santesso N, Mustafa R, Brozek J, Long Chen Y, Hopkins JP, Cheung A, Hovhannisyan G, Ivanova L, Flottorp SA, Saeterdal I, Wong AD, Tian J, Uyeki T, Akl EA, Alonso-Coello P, Smaill F, Schunemann H. Antivirals for treatment of influenza: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2012 April 3: 156(7):512-24
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