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At the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine we are fortunate to have an abundance of dedicated and talented researchers, clinicians, and students who are the worthy recipients of many awards and who are published in a multitude of noteworthy national and international journals.

Our faculty, students, and staff also present and participate in a variety of interesting and innovative events throughout the year.

You will find, within this section of our website details on all of our departmental achievements and events.

To post an announcement on these pages, please submit details via email to the Pathology website administrator.

McMaster professor awarded $2.5-million for autism and Fragile X syndrome research

May 1, 2014

Laurie Doering has received $2.5-million to lead a team researching new treatments for social disability disorders including autism.

Through a public-private partnership, the Brain Canada foundation, the Azrieli Foundation and the Chagnon Familyare funding research projects to discover new treatment and prevention strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Fragile X syndrome, and Alzheimer disease and related disorders.

"The research will help determine ways to counteract the consequences of intellectual and social disabilities associated with autism," says Doering.

Electron Microscopy Facility

October 5, 2011

EM website

As a result of the departure of Dr. Larry Arsenault, we have appointed Dr. Jorge Arrededondo and Dr. Joaquin Ortega as co-directors to oversee the operations of the facility and to make recommendations as to future directions, technology opportunities, major equipment acquisition, identification of research and funding opportunities and advising facility users around complex applications and processes. 

Dr. Arredondo brings a great deal of clinical pathology experience and expertise to the facility, and Dr. Ortega brings a wealth of knowledge around research applications. These two directors, along with Ernie Spitzer and the staff, will take the facility to the next level in terms of processes, equipment and applications.

One of the top priorities in Joaquin"s and Jorge"s agendas is to upgrade the electron microscopes in the facility. These instruments have served our research community and clinicians for several decades. However, we recognize that with recent advances in instrumentation and the fast pace of research the existing equipment frequently falls short for some of our user"s needs. While these upgrades are being put in place, we want to ensure we are providing the highest possible level of service to our users now. To this end, the EM facility has established a partnership with the Canadian Center for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) at McMaster. Through this association, the high-end electron microscopes existing in this unique facility will be made available to our users as well. Access to these microscopes will not only improve significantly the quality of the images that we can provide, but also will expand the range of applications we can offer. Marcia Reid, one of our staff members, is currently being trained on the electron microscopes at the CCEM and we anticipate that within the next couple of months she will be ready to start collecting data for our users. We encourage you to contact Joaquin if you think your present research projects can benefit from access to the instruments in the CCEM.

Jorge and Joaquin will welcome your ideas to make the operation more efficient or suitable for your particular applications.  Feel free to contact either of them.

United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) - Three abstracts accepted for 2009 annual meeting

November 28, 2008

This year the following three abstracts have been accepted for the USCAP annual meeting being held in Boston in March 2009:

  • Ursani N, Saleh R, Lytwyn A, Daya D, Ceballos C, Elit L, Sur M, and Onuma K. Combined p53 and p16 expression is useful to distinguish between endometrial serous and endometroid carcinomas.
  • Onuma K, Elavathil L, Daya D. Second pathology review of hysterectomy specimens for endometrial carcinoma: notable changes over a 10 year period (poster).
  • Elavathil L, Onuma K, Mothafar F, Akhtar-Danesh N, Lytwyn A. Reproductibility of needle core biopsy diagnosis of breast papillary lesions (platform presentation).
  • LJ Elavathil, B. Dhesy, J. Wiernikowski, D. Browning, N. Akhtar-Danesh, W. Hanna. HER2/neu Testing in Breast Carcinoma. Concordance Study Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) vs. Chromogenic In Situ Hybridization (CISH)

Creation of the Harry Richardson Quality Management for Medical Microbiology Award

September 14, 2007

Cheryl Main announced the launch of the Harry Richardson Quality Management Award for Medical Microbiology. This award was established, through funds donated by his family, in honour of the late Dr. Richardson, a microbiologist who played an important role in Quality Management for laboratories throughout Canada. This $750.00 grant will be awarded to one resident each year in recognition of the best Quality Management project in Microbiology. Terms of Reference

New Website Launched by the Infections Research Group

March 9, 2006

Web: Infections Research Group

Marek Smieja announced the unveiling of the new website of the Infections Research Group at St. Joseph's Hospital/McMaster University.

The Infections Research Group are moving to provide real-time maps of respiratory infections in Hamilton, as they set ambitious goals for improving the diagnosis of all respiratory infections in our community. This initiative will serve us well regardless of future pandemics, but will be critically important during a pandemic.

For now the main emphasis of the website is on respiratory infections but it will increasingly showcase the group's research efforts. The website will be a helpful tool that will show which respiratory infections (lab-diagnosed, identified through the Regional Virology Laboratory based at St. Joseph's Healthcare) are in our community, and where. It is worth noting that for every lab diagnosed case, there is estimated to be at least 60-100 undiagnosed cases in the community.

An especially noteworthy section is the one on metapneumovirus, which has been identified recently in an institutional outbreak. one that has seen widespread activity in 2002-3 and this year.

100% Success Rate for Royal College Examination Candidates

June 8, 2005

Kathy Chorneyko, Anatomical Pathology Residency Program Director, is delighted to report the success of all four senior residents who recently wrote the Royal College Examination in Anatomical Pathology.

Dr. Chorneyko leads the entire Department in congratulating Drs. Al-Brahim, Hussein, Mothafar, and Saleh and notes that their success reflects not only on the candidate themselves, but on the program and the department they represent.

First of its kind: evidence based infectious diseases textbook published by three leading infectious disease specialists at McMaster University

June 28, 2004

After two years of collaboration, editors Drs. Mark Loeb, Marek Smieja and Fiona Smaill are ready to celebrate the fruit of their labour. Their textbook, entitled Evidence-based Infectious Diseases was recently published through BMJ Books.

Though standard textbooks on this topic are abundant, this book is considered the first of its kind through its use of Evidence-based Medicine.

"McMaster is considered the home of Evidence-based Medicine" said Smieja. "We thought it very fitting that our textbook would reflect this approach".

McMaster University vector laboratory a first for Canada

May 6, 2004, McMaster Daily News

Thanks to a $1-million gift from McMaster alumni Robert Fitzhenry to support gene therapeutic research, McMaster University is firmly on the path to a new era in medical discovery.

His gift will establish the Robert E. Fitzhenry Vector Laboratory as the first Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory in Canada capable of producing vectors for use in clinical trials for patients. GMP is a set of regulations that ensure the identity, potency, safety and purity of pharmaceutical products

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