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Research Facilities

The following Central Facilities provide the expertise and equipment necessary to conduct research in various areas. Members from the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, along with other members of the research community, frequent these facilities.

Flow Cytometry Facility

The McMaster Flow Cytometry Facility provides access to a wide spectrum of investigators at McMaster University, as well as outside users. Faculty in Health Sciences and the HRLMP regularly utilize the facility, for both basic and clinical research. It is operated in a manner that maximizes research user access at a reasonable fee, and provides expertise to aid the users in experimental design and protocol development. The large variety of research in the facility provides a wealth of expertise allowing new users to develop their research and train personnel quickly.

Histopathology Laboratory

The Histopathology Lab provides technical and theoretical assistance to members of the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine who are conducting research in the area of Molecular Immunology, Virology and Inflammation. Faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students make use of the technical expertise and equipment available in the lab. Histological and Immunohistochemistry analysis is provided by trained technicians as required by researchers. The Histopathology Lab is funded by the Centre for Gene Therapeutics, which primarily makes use of its services and facilities.

Electron Microscopy Facility

The Electron Microscopy Facility at McMaster University provides an inter-disciplinary approach to the investigation of Biological, Biochemical and Medical areas of research. The experienced staff offers consulting, experimental design, training and technical services for light and electron microscopic imaging, immunolabeling, image analysis, morphometry, freeze fracture and elemental analysis. The facility is the largest diagnostic Electron Microscopy unit in the country.The EM facility has established a partnership with the Canadian Center for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) at McMaster. Through this association, the high-end electron microscopes existing in this unique facility will be made available to our users. Access to these microscopes will not only improve significantly the quality of the images that we can provide, but also will expand the range of applications we can offer.

MOBIX Laboratory

MOBIX Lab is a central facility that provides molecular biology expertise and services to the research community. Assistance in oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing is available. Up-to-date equipment and imaging systems are also available for use by qualified researchers and technicians.

Robert E. Fitzhenry Vector Laboratory

The design and production of vectors for investigative and clinical purposes has been a continuing project for members within the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine. Tthe Robert E. Fitzhenry Vector Laboratory is the only one of its kind at an academic centre in Canada, and one of a few in North America. The lab, located in the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery, will give McMaster researchers the capacity to ensure the identity, potency, safety and purity of pharmaceutical products, and to produce vectors safe for use in clinical trials. The Vector Lab provides skilled personnel and up-to-date equipment for the rapid development and implementation of vectors.

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