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Problems written for a Fourth Year Pharmacology Course:

This is a course in pharmacoepidemiology taken by students in the same programme. This course is taken in the last term prior to graduation. By this time the students have taken a variety of courses in pharmacology as well as physiology and immunology. The goals of this course are to acquaint the students with the social dimensions of drug use. The list of elements that will be introduced is given below. Each problem is written to include both pharmacological and epidemiological components.

The content of the course and the expectations were described in the outline as follows:

Given that the scope is broad, it is impossible to cover all aspects. It is not my intention to produce either pharmacoepidemiologists or social pharmacologists in a span of twelve weeks. Rather, my objective is to acquaint you with the general principles and give you a flavour of the field. To that end, I have been selective in the content issues that I wish to cover.

It is expected that by the end of this 12 week course, you would be introduced to the terms and concepts listed below:

(i) Terms commonly used in epidemiology such as Incidence / Prevalence / Relative Risks / Odds Ratios / Specificity / Sensitivity etc.

(ii) The advantages / disadvantages of different Epidemiological Study Designs (Case Reports, Case Series, Analyses of Secular Trends, Case-Control studies, Cohort studies)

(iii) Methods of Data Collection

(iv) Post-Marketing Surveillance

(v) Adverse Reactions to Drugs

(vi) Drug Utilisation Studies

(vii) Legal Aspects of Drug Reactions

(viii) Economic Evaluations of Drugs (Pharmacoeconomics).

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