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Breast Imaging/Cross-sectional Imaging

Juravinski Hospital

Breast-Cross-Sectional Imaging Fellowship

The Juravinski Hospital is one of four teaching hospital within Hamilton Health Sciences. Nestled on the mountain brow, the Juravinski Hospital is a tertiary care referral site for Central West Ontario, providing specialized care for a population of 2.2 million people. There is a large volume of pathology referred for diagnosis, management and follow-up.

Given its affiliation with the neighbouring Juravinski Cancer Centre, there is a high volume of oncology-related imaging. There is a large outpatient oncology referral base and inpatient acute care population, that includes the regional Hepatobiliary surgical service and adult hematology-oncology.

Acute care facilities include ER, Coronary Care and Intensive Care Units, general surgery and internal medicine practices, an internal medicine clinical teaching unit and general orthopedic and joint replacement program.

The Juravinski Hospital radiology group boasts a collegial working atmosphere. The radiologists have strong working relationships with surgeons, internists, pathologists and oncologists. Fellows are a welcome addition to this positive work and educational environment. Fellowships are flexible and can be tailored to the particular interests of the applicant. There are ample research opportunities within the department.

This fellowship experience exposes the learner to a busy screening, diagnostic and post-surgical breast imaging population. The fellow will participate in mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic and US guided biopsies, galactograms, needle localization and breast MRI. There is exposure to all aspects of oncology imaging, related to chest and abdomen, male and female pelvis and neuro-oncology.

The breast imaging team works closely with breast surgeons and breast pathologists. There are weekly radiology-pathology conferences, reviewing all breast biopsy cases, as well as weekly conferences with the medical and radiation oncology teams. During the cross-sectional part of the fellowship, fellows participate in weekly multidisciplinary rounds including hepatobiliary, GI, GYN oncology, neuro-oncology rounds and diagnostic imaging interesting case rounds.

Further inquiries can be directed to Marilynn Scott at scottmar@HHSC.CA

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Supervisor – Dr. Narry Muhn

This six-month breast imaging fellowship is offered as part of the 12-month Breast / Cross-Sectional Imaging fellowship at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. There is currently 1 position available annually.

The fellowship is divided into 80% clinical and 20% research.

The breast imaging fellowship offers a comprehensive and integrated multi-modality approach to breast imaging and intervention.


The breast imaging division is staffed by 5 breast radiologists. Over the course of the 6 months of the fellowship you will have the opportunity to interact with the radiologists, breast surgeons and pathologists at our institution.

Your time in breast imaging will be spent at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s main campus (Charlton Site) and our Women’s Health Clinic at our King Street Site.

Our training program reflects the Breast Imaging Fellowship Curriculum published (2013) by the education committees of the ACR (American College of Radiology) and SBI (Society of Breast Imaging).

Mammography & Ultrasound

As our breast imaging fellow, you will have exposure to a high volume of screening and diagnostic mammograms. We perform approximately 300 screening and diagnostic mammograms per week. As well, we are the only site in Hamilton, which offers digital breast tomosynthesis (at our King Street campus). You will also have the opportunity to be involved with approximately 50-60 breast ultrasound studies per week.

Our centre is further an authorized site for the Ontario Breast Screening program (OBSP) through which both average risk and high risk screening mammograms are performed.

Breast MRI

Breast MRIs are performed at our main campus on a 3T Philips scanner. Dynacad is the post-processing software that is used for kinetics analysis and rendered MIP assessment.

Breast MRIs performed at our centre include high risk screening as well as diagnostic studies. We perform approximately 15 breast MRI studies per week.

As well, we are the only site in Hamilton, which offers MRI-guided vacuum-assisted breast biopsies. These are performed at our main campus on a 1.5T GE scanner. We generally perform 1-2 biopsies per week.


There are many opportunities for interventional procedures, including: Stereotactic core biopsies, Ultrasound-guided core biopsies, MRI-guided core biopsies, therapeutic needle aspirations, post-biopsy marker/clip placement, as well as Stereotactic and Ultrasound-guided pre-operative radioactive seed localizations.

Multidisciplinary Rounds

The breast imaging fellow will have the opportunity to lead the weekly multidisciplinary breast rounds, which have active participation from our breast surgeons and breast pathologists.


We have 2 digital mammography units (GE & Hologic), 1 digital mammography unit with tomosynthesis (GE), 2 stereotactic core biopsy units (upright [GE] and prone [Hologic]), state of the art ultrasound units (Toshiba) as well as 2 MRI units (3T Philips and 1.5 GE).


The fellow will have teaching commitments to Medical Students and Radiology Residents. There will be an opportunity to attend visiting professor lectures (1-2 times per year).


The breast imaging fellow will have 20% dedicated research time. The fellow is expected to complete 1 project during the breast component of the fellowship, to be presented at the Annual McMaster University Radiology Research Day, usually held in April. Presentation of research work at both national and/or international scientific conferences is strongly encouraged. A $2,000 CAD stipend is available per 12-month fellowship to non-funded fellows. Projects can be performed in collaboration with the breast pathologists and/or breast surgeons.



Two work weeks (10 days) per 6month block of your fellowship.  (Total of four work weeks over your 12month fellowship program). Leave must be taken in one-week blocks rather than individual days, unless by special arrangement with the Fellowship Supervisors. (Dr. Narry Muhn – Breast Imaging and Dr. Mohamed El  Khodary – Cross Sectional Imaging)

Conference Leave

One week per 12-months upon approval.

Personal Leave

One work week (5 days) is available per 12-month fellowship for sick time, appointments and miscellaneous personal matters.

Academic Days

After eight weeks into your Fellowship program, you will be allotted one Academic Day per 5day week. No academic days are allotted on short weeks (ie 4-day weeks due to a statutory holiday). If you are not meeting your research / teaching expectations, your academic days will be reduced to one half-day per week.

Further inquiries can be directed to Marilynn Scott at scottmar@HHSC.CA


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