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Alarm Points

There are no expected disruptions for alarm point monitoring.

During the COVID19 Pandemic, laboratories are responsible for the management of alarms.

The FHSSO does not monitor, communicate alarms, manage costs/billing or respond to alarms related to monitored equipment.

Alarm points are network connections between your "alarmable" equipment and the Building Automation System (BAS). The office receiving the alarm notification will depend on your location. Your equipment must be able to be monitored in order to implement this service - check your user manuals or consult your sales representative. There is a charge for installation and there may be a charge for monitoring. This will also depend on your location.

Alarm Point Management at Hamilton Health Sciences-Serviced Sites

(Health Sciences Centre, Juravinski Campus and Hamilton General Campus)

  1. Ensure equipment is able to be connected to the BAS system before placing a work order.
  2. Place HHS work order through your department to have an alarm point jack installed.
  3. HHS will install an alarm point jack and connect your equipment.
  4. HHS will assign a number/code to your alarm point and request a phone number for paging. Please document this information. Since there is a character limit to the alarm message, only one phone number can be submitted.
  5. Ensure the phone number given is a cell phone number or otherwise a personal phone number. Do not submit an office number.
  6. Ensure the phone number given has voicemail enabled.
  7. The laboratory is responsible for ensuring the contact phone number is kept up to date and that this change in number is communicated to HHS. Contact HHS to make changes to the information.
  8. When the equipment is in alarm, a message is sent to an HHS pager. The pager carrier verifies the number/code and calls the associated phone number on file.
  9. If there is no answer, the HHS pager carrier will leave a message on voicemail. HHS will not do further follow up after that.
  10. Alarmed equipment is to have contact information posted on it.
  11. If the laboratory moves or the ownership of the equipment changes, the change in information must be communicated to HHS. Contact HHS to make changes to the information.

Alarm Point Management on Campus (MDCL and CRL)


Alarm Point Management at IAHS (McMaster/Mohawk)


Alarm Point Management at SJH Charlton Campus and W5 Campus

For alarm point installation, please contact Sylvia Chong by phone at 905-522-1155 Ext 34936 or by email at


Updated 2022-02-18


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