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Training and Self-Assessment

Ergonomics is the idea that the task is designed to suit the worker. Good ergonomic practice is to evaluate the task being performed and identify where repetitive motions or an awkward position could be eliminated.

Ergonomics training (ERGON) on Mosaic is mandatory for all workers and supervisors every 5 years. Additional expectations are as follows:

  1. You have up to date training as described above.
  2. You have evaluated and adjusted your workstation with your supervisor or a buddy according to the "Self Assessment Checklist" found in RMM405, pages 7 and 8.
  3. You have given yourself 2 to 3 weeks to acclimate yourself to the adjustments you have made.
  4. You have implemented a routine of stretching and micro-breaks throughout the day and are adhering to them.

Pain or Discomfort

Please do not place a request for an ergonomic assessment before you have completed the training and the Self-Assessment Checklist. Most workstations can be set up properly by following those instructions.

If you have completed training and Self-Assessment Checklist and are experiencing pain or discomfort:

  1. Complete a McMaster Injury/Incident Report
  2. Complete an Ergonomics Assessment Request Form (RMM405, page 9)
  3. Submit the Injury Report and the Ergonomics Assessment Request form to

Our team follows up with the employee and performs a detailed ergonomic evaluation of the workstation according to the CSA Standard for this kind of work. The task, tools or the workstation are evaluated in relation to the employee. Hazards are identified and eliminated or controls are recommended via written report.


The FHS Safety Office understands how ergonomics contributes to good workstation design. We offer information to employees to raise awareness of good ergonomics including many resources to guide you through workstation setup (including labs).

We have also provided resources for lifting and back care.

Use your mouse as little as possible by using keyboard shortcuts!

Updated 2021-12-04

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